ElkRanch Burgers are available at THE WORKS in Ottawa and everywhere else!

ElkRanch Burgers are available at THE WORKS in Ottawa and everywhere else!


Elk Steaks

Individual vacuum sealed


Vacuum sealed in 4 portions of 4 oz or 6 oz


Vacuum sealed in portions of 4


According to weight or cut, discuss your occasion with us!
(info@elkranch.com or 613-599-0772)

Ground / STEw

Individual vacuum sealed 1 lb package

Bones / Organs

Individual vacuum packaged


Each time you purchase $100 from our shop you receive a package of ground meat (1 lb in weight). Also: please ask us about wholesale rates!

versatile & easy to cook

Elk is a deep red meat that needs only salt and pepper to draw out the inherent flavour. Plus, it pairs well with a world of spices and/or fresh herbs. While elk meat has it’s own character, it is also interchangeable in favourite recipes (and being extra lean you might add a little of your favourite healthy oil).


Visit the farm to shop our large variety of elk products. Orders > 20 kg, please email or phone us about delivery options: 613-599-0772


Freezing is the most natural way of preserving food and this locks in the freshness, flavour and nutritional value. There is no compromise on taste or texture and you have the longest possible fridge-life at home, once the meat is defrosted.

All elk meat is vacuum sealed and immediately frozen under the rigorous Provincial certification.

Freezing means zero wastefulness and every morsel is appreciated.