Elk is…


Elk is naturally a very lean meat. In fact it is so low in fat that it compares to white chicken meat. It is high in iron, protein, zinc and B vitamins, including B12. This grass-fed meat provides a significantly healthier option over ordinary meat.


Our elk live entirely free-range and in their natural environment. During winter months their diet necessarily changes to alpha-alpha clover blue-grass hay . Our animals grow healthily and at a rate that nature intended.

versatile & easy to cook

Elk is a deep red meat that needs only salt and pepper to draw out the inherent flavour. Plus, it pairs well with a world of spices and/or fresh herbs. While elk meat has it’s own character, it is also interchangeable in favourite recipes (and being extra lean you might add a little of your favourite healthy oil).

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Ranch-raised elk meat is mild yet distinctive. Consistent in taste and never ‘gamey’. Melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.


Animal welfare always comes first and we raise our elk slowly and respectfully. When you consider all the factors, there is no better source of meat protein.